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Sunday 12th May: ISEF set up day! Registration, interviews, booth set up, safety check and pin swap. We were set for a big day. At registration students collected their finalist’s registration name tags and found their name amongst the almighty board of finalists. The team made Australia proud as they were fortunate enough to be interviewed, bringing the Australian team energy.

Hopefully, this footage will be used in the Opening Ceremony tomorrow! Our posters look fantastic. Students set up their booths, careful to follow the regulations while also seeking to stand out from the crowd. This involves having a safety and regulations check to ensure specifications are met. We have most of the team signed off today, with final touches being made on a couple to sign off tomorrow.

The evening held an epic pin swap event for the students. Armed with bags full of Koalas, our Australians were a hot commodity. Our students had an overwhelming and brilliantly fun time connecting with fellow finalists around the world, returning with a treasure trove of pins representing this diversity. #regeneronISEF #AUSSEF #Science #Innovation