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Judging will be a two-staged process:

Stage 1: The first Shortlisting stage of judging will take place from Monday 20th November to Friday 1st December 2023. Projects will be judged in one of six discipline areas: Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Environmental, Physics & Astronomy, Mathematics and Engineering & Technology. Judging teams for each discipline area will be comprised of leading STEM educators and academics from each Australian state and territory, all leaders in their field. Projects will be double-marked, and teams will shortlist the top 2-5 projects from their discipline.

Stage 2: The second ISEF Selection stage of judging will then rank these shortlisted projects for final selections of potential projects to represent Australia at ISEF. The ISEF Selection Panel is a five-member independent set of judges who each have had incredible experience at judging ISEF projects or selecting projects for ISEF

Both judging stages will score projects using ISEF-based judging criteria for Scientific Investigations, Engineering and Technology Projects and Mathematics Projects.  These judging criteria are described on the Judging Criteria page.

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